Big Bang Theory - Title

Big Bang Theory
Scientific Laws and Observations
 Implode the Big Bang and Redshift Light Theories and 
Prove the Speed of Light Is Not a Constant

Kent R. Rieske, BS/ME (Author)

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Big Bang Theory - Front Cover

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Big Bang Theory - Back Cover

This book gives scientific proof that the speed of light is not constant as has been assumed for centuries. Calculations go beyond a hypothesis by giving the decay rate of the speed of light as it travels the vast emptiness of space. The scientific impact for this discovery is profound and shocking. Many scientific proofs are given to show why the Big Bang and Redshift Light Theories are not true and the universe is not expanding at an accelerating rate as often claimed.

The author states that the Universe had NO beginning. The Universe has no size limit because it extends to infinity. The Universe existed from eternity past and will recycle the Galaxies continually to eternity future. However, the Earth, Sun, and Galaxies do have separate beginnings and endings. This book explains why the Bible and science agree perfectly when both are interpreted correctly.
Other scientists are starting to catch up with the author.

Quantum Model Predicts the Universe Had No Beginning

Those who support the Big Bang Theory determine the size and age of the Universe based on observations made by newer telescopes. They observe the amount of redshift in the light from distant galaxies to calculate the distance across the Universe and the corresponding time since the Big Bang. The time and distance seem to match, but this approach is dependent upon the power of our modern telescopes and will fail when new technologies allow us to view beyond the current limits.

The Big Bang Theory would have a huge problem if galaxies were discovered in the Universe far beyond our current range of observation. The size and age of the Universe must be increased with each new observation. In other words, the time since the Big Bang would not be finite as it should be if the Big Bang Theory were true. I present the correct scientific reason why light emitted from distant galaxies has a redshift and prove that the size of the Universe is not limited to the range of our telescopes.

I discovered information that astrophysicists have neglected for more than 20 years. It solidly proves Dr. Albert Einstein’s original General Theory of Relativity to be correct. Dr. Einstein added a constant based on a static universe hypothesis. After he accepted Dr. Edwin Hubble’s Redshift Light Theory based on an expanding universe, he said that the constant was his biggest mistake. My research proves that Dr. Einstein’s constant was correct and Dr. Hubble’s theory was wrong. My discovery is based on scientific facts and existing observations of the universe. It implodes The Big Bang Theory. The observations that disprove the Hubble Redshift Light Theory have been made by the same space telescope that bears his name.

I present a theory about the origin of the asteroid belt and the history of the Earth. Solid forensic evidence ties the asteroid belt to geological and biological features found in the strata on every continent. I hope to resolve the conflict between the age of the Sun and the apparent ages of the planets, moons, and asteroids with a chronological list of the creation events. The correct understanding of the age of the Solar System and physical observations we see today can be reached by an accurate re‑creation of these events.

I propose that two planets in near orbits collided between Mars and Jupiter, or a stray mass from outside the Solar System hit a single planet in its orbit. The smaller of the two planets was of sufficient size to completely shatter both into billions of pieces. The two masses could have been about equal in size. The collision caused a shower of huge asteroids that cascaded throughout the Solar System. The impact craters on planets and moons, the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and the two Trojan asteroid belts in the same orbit with Jupiter remain as evidence for the collision.

The history of the First Earth, Chaotic Earth, and Re-created Earth is presented in detail as the Gap Theory. This information explains the extinction of the dinosaurs, the Greenland Ice Shelf, and how cosmological, geological, archaeological, and fossil data are in perfect agreement with the Bible when all are interpreted correctly.

Renown cosmologists and professors at universities worldwide routinely claim that "dark matter" forms the majority of the mass in the Universe. I state in my book, "Big Bang Theory," that this widely accepted theory is actually a myth. My position has been supported by a new experiment that has FAILED to find the evidence. The prestigious scientists are puzzled again.

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Kent Rieske in Breckenridge, CO on August 12, 2010.
Kent Rieske in Breckenridge, Colorado
August 12, 2010.
Age: 71 (Author)

Marti Rieske in Breckenridge, Colorado on August 12, 2010.
Marti Rieske in Breckenridge, Colorado
August 12, 2010.

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Kent’s brainwashing study has exposed some shocking facts. Many assumptions on which we base our everyday lives are false.  For example, NASA searched Mars for water on June 24, 2008, and ignored the picture of a frozen lake taken by the European Space Agency’s Mars Express satellite on February 2, 2005.

NASA Lander Scoops the Soil Looking for
Water (white ice) and Life on Mars - 2008

Vastitas Borealis Crater on Mars - 2005

Kent R. Rieske, author's autobiography

I was born at home on a small farm in Provo, Utah, in 1939. I graduated from college in 1962 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and became a registered Professional Engineer in several states. My career included positions as Chief Mechanical Engineer and Director of Engineering. In 1985, I started a home-based consulting engineering firm, developed and marketed engineering software worldwide, and created a non-denominational Christian website based on dispensational theology. The website also includes a scientific approach to health and nutrition.

Mr. Rieske has authored two other books:

Absolute Truth Exposed - Volume 1

Reversing Heart Disease and Preventing Diabetes

Marti Rieske, Editor


Marti Rieske graduated from Concordia College with an Associate in Applied Science degree. She was a medical transcriptionist for several years and has edited science, medical, and nutrition books.